Tips for the Best Curry Chicken

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For all us average home cooks out there, the thought of cooking curry chicken can be an intimidating one! After all, if mastering the basics from our own country is a scary process, venturing into others can be downright terrifying. Curry chicken, however, is a surprisingly forgiving recipe. Here at Caribbean Hut, we have been cooking and serving tasty, authentic curry chicken for over 15 years now and we have a few tips for you to get the most out of your recipe.

cooking curry chicken can be an intimidating

First, don’t be afraid to experiment with your chicken pieces. Most people only have experience cooking chicken breasts, but that part of the chicken isn’t the only part! Try cooking the thighs and wings in the flavorful curry sauce for an entirely different culinary experience. If you like the breasts of the chicken, cook them in a slow cooker for consistently moist results.

Second, use fresh spices. Many of us don’t realize that spices lose their flavor and potency with age. If you are cooking a flavorful dish like curry chicken, you want your spices to be living up to their potential! Spices are really only good for about six months to a year, so if you can’t remember when you bought your last batch of curry spices, buy fresh ones.

Finally, choose your sides wisely. If you like your curry a little spicier than most, pairing it with a mild coconut milk rice or naan can help balance out the heat nicely.

Or, even better, if you would like to experience some authentic and flavorful curry chicken without all the preparation work, come and see us at Caribbean Hut today for our own curry chicken dish!