Three Mistakes to Avoid When Making Curry Chicken

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Curry chicken is a well-known dish that a lot of people try to make at home. The recipe for the dish might seem pretty straightforward, but there are some mistakes you need to avoid while preparing it. Here are three mistakes to avoid while making curry chicken:

  1. Cutting Onions and Tomatoes into Big Chunks- Curry chicken is best served with a rich and thick gravy, and since the onions and tomatoes in the recipe serve as a thickening agent, it is best to thinly slice them to make sure your gravy comes out perfectly. Having big chunks of tomatoes and onions in your gravy will make it thinner.

Three Mistakes to Avoid When Making Curry Chicken

  1. Adding the Right Quantity of Ingredients- Curry chicken is a recipe that has been perfected over the ages and needs to be done right in order to meet expectations. It is important to know the right ingredient quantity for the recipe in order to get it right. Miscalculating the ingredient amounts will make your curry chicken too spicy, bland or even inedible.
  2. Adding Too Much Salt- It’s hard to know for certain how much salt you should add to your curry chicken. Salt is a necessity in the dish, but over salting can ruin it. If you do end up adding too much salt, never add more water– instead add in a raw, peeled potato to soak up the excess salt. This might just save your curry chicken.

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