Very nice atmosphere. The customer service was awesome as well and the food was fresh, hot, and delicious. - Pat C.

Friendly staff and authentic Caribbean cuisine. Although I usually get my food to go, I never wait too long and it’s the only place I go to get curry goat…… it’s the best in the city! - Cherise T.

Very friendly environment, but it’s about the food. Man, that was good, and A LOT of food for 8 bucks! - Sean S.

Whoa, this place is amazing!!!!! Fast, perfectly seasoned, delicious food. OMG I’ve finally found a Jamaican spot in Charlotte!!!!!! I’m thrilled!!!!! So good, had the curry chicken, small, with a to-go plate!!!! Yes! - Jae M.

Wow! This place in fantastic! This was a pleasant surprise since I had never heard of the place and was just passing by. We were given a friendly welcome from the time we walked in. The service and food brought back fond memories of a recent trip to Jamaica. The server suggested that I sample the jerk chicken and the curry goat before ordering because I said I didn’t want anything crazy hot. Both were delicious but I had the jerk chicken and my guest had the butter shrimp. I can honestly say that the collards were some of the best I have ever had. Friendly service, great food, large portions and reasonably priced! - Stacie D.

Stopped in today for lunch to go. $15 for a large oxtail lunch, but well worth it. The sauce is always so fresh and full of flavor. Service was fast. Next time, I will try the beef or chicken patties. - Chamiese N.

The service was fantastic, the food was delicious, and you have to try the sorrel punch! It will give you a lot of energy! - Jessica.

Finally, I found the Caribbean flavors I’ve missed since leaving Jersey. Got two curry chicken entrees and the spice, the cabbage and chicken had a kick to it. Will be back. - Quanisha N.

There is just too much to say!! I am new in the area and wanted something different for lunch today. I “accidentally” turned into the wrong shopping center – so thankful I did! I ordered the large curry chicken meal and a bottled lemonade. I paired the curry with yellow rice. It came with plantains and some cabbage salad mixture–to die for. I also ordered a beef pattie. For starters, the curry meat LITERALLY fell OFF the bone. It was SUCCULENTTTTT. The rice was delicious alone or with the sauce mixed in it. Mmmmmmm mmmmm good. And the pattie was FRESH and HOTTTT. If I had to write one thing negative it would be that the bottled lemonade was WAYYY too sweet (and I like sweet), but the food was ON POINT. This will be my favorite joint when I want some Caribbean spice!!! Hallelujah!! - T O.

Curry chicken was awesome with cabbage and rice and beans. $6.99 lunch special is a good deal. - Brian W.

I’ve been here a couple times, and this is authentic Jamaican cuisine. Being from Jamaica, I think I know something about my country’s food and culture. If you aren’t satisfied with the portions, just ask for more and they’ll deliver. By the way, if you are not familiar with our cuisines, save your say for somewhere else. I love curried chicken and the way it’s always chopped up. Bone and all. If you want curried breast, just ask. Just remember that curried chicken is chopped up and may not have a lot of meat. That’s our culture. I had the curried goat and I must say that this is as good as it gets. Definitely hits the spot and satisfies my craving for some good Jamaican food. Mmmmm…I’m going there now to get some more. Meet me there. Let’s eat! - Leighton B.

Decided to stop by and check out the smaller spot. We got 2 large combos, oxtail and jerk shrimp & oxtail and jerk chicken. Staff greeted us promptly and genuinely. The food was outstandingly great!. We both honestly were WOWED by the food and hospitality of the staff. The cabbage was just right. Oxtails were fall off the bone. I loved it! - Erica G.

Best Caribbean food I have had in a long time; new favorite Caribbean joint when I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina. - Teleicious H.

There is not anything that I can say negatively about the food. The location is in a shopping center that is challenging to get into but, other than that, I have enjoyed my dining experiences eating in or taking out. - Aura A.

I ordered the oxtail and jerk chicken combo with cabbage and a beef patty. The flavors were incredible. I will definitely go back! - Paola E.

I enjoyed the food, and the service was very fast. I would suggest ordering ahead if you don’t want to wait. - Dalon M.

Visited during lunch hours and the food was excellent; by far one of the best spots we have been to in quite some time. The oxtails, goat and chicken were seasoned well and cooked to perfection. This will definitely be our go-to once we move to the area. A must try! - April B.

Food was hot, fresh, and delicious with generous portions. A little pricey but I have no issues with paying for quality. - Ekeithia L.

Everything was perfect, service and food! I miss my mommy’s cooking so much. This place is from heaven. Oxtails melt in your mouth. My spot every time I’m in Charlotte! Thank you so much, Caribbean Hut!

- Sandra R.

Easily my favorite Jamaican restaurant in the city. And the lunch deals are bananas! Under $7. - Kenny B.

This is a great place to come and eat, good for lunch and dinner. The people that work there are very, very nice kind and courteous. - Michael E.

The jerk chicken is divine!!!! The seasoning and tenderness of the meat is the perfect introduction to jerk chicken. There is the perfection of flavor, heat, and sweetness. AND!!!! The lunch special is a Godsend at $6.99! Even when I drove to pick mine up, I was out under 10 minutes. It is a clean and quaint place of a Caribbean vibe. There is a second location in the University area that I personally am not familiar with but hopefully they serve the exact same yumminess! - De Vivre J.

The food was very good. The jerk chicken was nothing like I had before, LOVED IT! It came out faster than I thought it would. Warning: there are bones in the chicken. The cabbage salad was on point, too. - Milton I.

Very flavorful dishes! Highly advise to call in order ahead of time. Recommend the oxtails, steamed okra and curry shrimp…. - Shakema B.

This place is Omazing!! Yes with an O… Great food, great service and fair prices!! Lunch combo is plenty for 1 person. - A R.

I had the oxtails, rice and beans, cabbage, and mac and cheese, and it was amazing! Although it was more expensive than I expected, it was worth it! The staff was friendly, and I was able to eat off the portions for 2 days. I will definitely return soon!

- Porsha M.

I ate here for lunch with 5 other co-workers and the food was very, very good. Every time I eat here, it’s always good. - Thalia O.

My family and I have eaten here multiple times, and they are friendly but more importantly the food is good. We’ve had the curry goat, chicken curry, oxtail, roti, beef patties, Jamaican Kola… highly recommended all of them. - D S.

Went for lunch and we were very impressed with the service, food and kindness of the staff and customers. Lunch was jerk and curry chicken…oh soooo delicious! - Carol D.

Some of the best oxtails on the planet. I really enjoy this place. I go once or twice a month. - Smitty H.

I was looking for this place. To be honest, I am a tired of Jamaican Food (was looking for food from another island), however, where I’m currently residing there’s no Caribbean anything (truly annoying), so this place was cool. Friendly staff and good atmosphere. - Troy W.

I have been here on several occasions and have had a good experience each time. I am of West Indian descent and so I eat Caribbean food often. The curry chicken and roti are very, very good. The gravy was nice and rich as if it had been cooked low and slow for a while. The lunch special was at a good price for what you get -$6.99. I have had their brown stew chicken and curry shrimp, too…both of which were good. I always took my food to go, but there are tables to dine in. Plenty of parking and good reggae to listen to while you’re there. - Barbara J.

I go here all the time here (actually too much). Anyway, the food is always good even though I only get large oxtail dinner. - Porsche W.

They take their time to make the food right. Friendly service and environment. Clean dining room and bathroom. - Chales M.

I love Caribbean Hut!!! The Jamaican food is sooooo delicious!!! It’s worth the money there and it’s hot and fresh. But the good thing about it is they do catering. I know what I will be eating for the holidays. - Emily A.

The lady in the restaurant was extremely friendly and substituted some of my vegetables for a little more peas and rice and I love peas and rice. The curry chicken plate I had was cooked well to the bone and shrimp was added with great flavor. There was enough juice on the plate to enjoy the food without having a bag full of curry outside the container. - Sean A.

First time here and I loved it. I had chicken combo which was your choice of jerk, BBQ, curry, or stew plus rice, beans, plantain, and cabbage – a large portion to say the least. Food was phenomenal to say the least; service was good also. I will be coming back. - L R.

Curry chicken and rice & peas are great! Great service and food. - Snow L.

Food was soooo good and the portions were huge and the price was reasonable. I can’t wait to try another meal - Atria C.

It looks like a hole in a wall kinda place. Not in the best area, but the food is outstanding. This should definitely be part of your go-to places. - Clifford T.

So delicious! It was cooked to perfection! Great and friendly service, choice of take out or sit down. Also had an area to see current news events in the area!

- C L.

I admire this venue very much. There is a nice ambiance. The meals are tasty. The service is efficient, and the crew is courteous. The cost is fair. I highly recommend.

- Robert N.

Excellent. Former co-worker has a reputation for knowing where to go for dinning in Charlotte. He’s yet to let me down. Really great Jamaican flavor.

- Bret T.

I always eat here. It’s my favorite spot to dine. I sit in my favorite table near the door and dine alone. Great vibe here. I can think and gather my daily dealings while feeling comfortable and satisfied. Best in Charlotte hands down. I’ll be there tomorrow.

- William Y.

Caribbean Hut was very good. My husband and I had the curry chicken and rice and the stewed fish.

- Teresa L.

I’ve eaten there every few months for over 8 years, sometimes with my family — never been disappointed. I guess I go at the right time, but the Irish Moss and pineapple ginger drinks are great.

- DeCarlo B.

Hands down the best Caribbean food I’ve had in Charlotte. It’s fresh and authentic, and the staff is friendly. I’ve tried other restaurants near here, but there is no comparison. Check out Caribbean Hut. You won’t be disappointed.

- Annette P.

Just before closing time on a Friday night, we stopped in for some food. Even though it was the end of the day and I’m sure the waitress and kitchen staff must have been tired, the service was excellent, and the food was even better. The waitress was very attentive to our table’s needs and offered several excellent suggestions for both Caribbean beverages and food. We weren’t looking for a huge meal, so we decided to share two plates of food between the four of us. The waitress was very kind and didn’t hesitate to bring extra plates for sharing, family style. We will definitely be back for more of this wonderful food!

- Keane M.

Just finished the absolute best jerk chicken I’ve ever had. These guys get it right! No irie vibes here. Nice people. I really enjoyed it!

- Devin T.

Food was awesome. On point. Had BBQ chicken and oxtails. Beef patties are slapping, too.

- Alex R.

Had lunch with my eldest son. Nice change in food. Grateful that I taught my son culture.

- Kelly L.

Great food. My suggestion would be to go early.

- Janeisha R.

Went there yesterday, and the food was soooo good!! Got the curry chicken and jerk chicken with beans and rice, cabbage with peas and macaroni and cheese!! Soooo delicious!!!!! Still have some left over!! A real treat indeed!!

- Jenn B.

Jerk Shrimp was pretty darn good. Went there for dinner one night just because it was across the street from the hotel I was staying in. When I saw jerk shrimp on the menu, I thought I’d give it a try. I had jerk chicken enough times but never tried jerk shrimp. It took them 15 minutes to cook from fresh. The entree came with rice and beans, cabbage, and sweet plantains. I ended up loving the jerk shrimp. The sides were all very, very good. It was quite a pleasant surprise.

- Pflau.

Been here many times and each time the food and service is great. Jerk chicken that literally falls off the bone, full of flavor with great cabbage, yellow rice and many more options. If you are looking for authentic Caribbean food, this is a spot you have to go in Charlotte!

- Jeremy B.

Great food, my first time eating Caribbean food. I had oxtails which were tender and had so much flavor. Ate there two times in my four day stay.

- Tonya N.

Must see and eat! This place reminded me of the food of Trinidad and Tobago. Very authentic! Great taste! Not what you’d expect to find in a strip mall. Look for this place!

- GN1330.

Love it!! Great flavors and the closest to home-cooked food I’ve tasted. If they add escovitch, they will have all my money!

- Terri G.

Went there with friends and everyone liked everything that they ordered. All in all, a place worth trying. Do try the jerk chicken. - Arpit S.

The oxtails are always good. The cabbage is crisp and fresh! The rice and beans are the bomb! Great!

- Yvonne O.

The food is excellent. The service is very good. Prices are very reasonable. If you like Caribbean food you should go there, it is really enjoyable. GET THE CURRY GOAT. - Jim M.

Delicious Caribbean food to go or tables to eat there. Highly recommend the jerk or curry chicken. My partner loved the curry goat and oxtail. Combo plates give you 2 meats, rice, beans, and plantains. The large is a decent amount of food, might go with the small next time. Staff was extremely friendly, too! Great food in a nice, casual atmosphere. - Caitlin M.

I love the butter shrimp and the plantains. The restaurant as a whole seems very authentic, but I wouldn’t really know… very tasty though, and the service is great. - Annalisa A.

My first time eating at Caribbean Hut and I didn’t know what to expect; however, I must say the food was absolutely delicious! Service was also outstanding as well! Oxtail was extremely flavorful and tender. I will recommend to family and friends! - Danny C.

Omg!!!!!! This place is one of the best in the Charlotte area!!!!! First off, when you step in, you are greeted by a waitress who is ready to seat you at your table, as well as eager to get you fed and squared away! Second, I have been to almost “EVERY” Caribbean restaurant in Charlotte, but this one is my favorite. And I will be honest, it’s sheerly because of the authentic taste THAT IS CONSISTENT 24/7!!!!!!!!! I have been to a number of other Caribbean restaurants in the Charlotte area whose tastes change periodically, which is my pet peeve. The verdict is that this place is not big on flash and glam, but it’s big on taste AS WELL AS CONSISTENCY. Oh…and didn’t I mention the large portions that they give you???? TRUST ME, YOU WON’T ME DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!! GO THERE TODAY!!!! - Demetrius S.

I love this place. I’ve eaten there several times, and it is consistent. My favorite is the curry goat. - Charnita M.F.

I usually order the jerk chicken or oxtails. The food is always good, and with the jerk chicken, I usually have enough for three meals. I have yet to find another Caribbean restaurant in Charlotte that I like better. - Brittany R.

This place is one of the best Caribbean places in Charlotte to get Jamaican food. They give out great portions, enough to enjoy for two days. Their food is always fresh and nice and hot. They offer table service, but I normally just get the food to go. I always get their ox tails, cabbage, rice and peas, and a beef/chicken patty. I think the beef patty is the best. Their food is always flavorful. The service is quick; I don’t think I have waited more than 20min to get my meal. There is parking available. The prices aren’t that expensive, especially with the portion amount they give you. The food definitely tastes homemade. Whenever I want good, authentic Caribbean food, this is the place to go. I love this place and I normally get the large ox tail dinner. This time, I ordered the steamed fish with rice and peas and plantains. They gave me an option of two fishes, and I picked the red snapper. The fish was cooked to order, so I had to wait about 30 min, but it was worth the wait. The food was flavorful. There was only one portion size for this meal. The fish was great. In getting this meal, just be mindful of the bones while eating – you have to pick through the fish to get the meat and that’s understandable. This meal was great, and I will get it again. - Megan P.

Today was my first time stopping by and the vibe and atmosphere was amazing, I could tell that this was an authentic Caribbean restaurant, and the staff was very friendly. I ordered the oxtail & jerk chicken combo with cabbage, and the food was amazing. The veggies had the perfect blend of seasonings as well as the rice and peas were made just right – not too hard or soft. The jerk chicken was well-seasoned and I could tell it was fresh. I loved the oxtails and the sauce, and it was a great amount of food on my plate. Next time I’m in Charlotte, I will be going back. - Joel K.

All the meats are slow cooked and fall-off-the-bone delicious. Several rice choices and plenty of collards complete the meal. Staff is friendly and laid back. - Marc R.

Ate goat curry over white rice. The curry tasted similar to Indian goat curry. Nice experience. - Arijiit A.

BEST Caribbean restaurant in CHARLOTTE!!! Love their curry tofu and vegetarian roti! It’s good to know they have vegetarian options! Most Caribbean places only offer rice and peas and cabbage and call that a veggie plate! Haaaaaaa… but Caribbean Hut has options…yay!!! Would love if they always had rum cake in stock 🙂 - Kerry S.

Always good, hot and fresh, not to mention authentic, Jamaican food. Staff is polite and always glad to see you. I got the brown stew snapper, and it’s cooked to order but well worth the wait. They have 2 locations and I frequent both. - Rissa P.

I love it. Everything is good – fresh vegetables, brown stew chicken, mac n cheese, okra. Yea, man. Y’all need to come check ‘em out. Good customer service. Come check ‘em out. - Chevy S.

The food is perfectly seasoned. The service is prompt and friendly. And the portions are huge – I can’t eat it all… Lol - Marie G.

Their food quality is always consistently good. I eat here at least 4 times a week. I pass by all the fast food joints out there and make the final stop here, a better alternative for eating when I’m away from home. I support these guys. I’m actually outside of their place now, waiting on them to open at 11 a.m. - Corey E.

Probably the best Jamaican food in the QC. I always get the oxtails and recently tried the chicken soup, which was amazing. This is my go-to place when I want an island meal. - Marjorie K.

Food was delicious and the gentleman waiting on me couldn’t be nicer. One of those little hidden treasures. - Lois G.

This place has never disappointed me! The oxtails, curry goat, and chicken will have you licking your fingers. If you love authentic Caribbean food, the Caribbean Hut WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! - Loyalty 1011.

Best Caribbean food I have ever had! I’m from New York and thought I’d had the best, but oh, was I wrong. - Richard C.

Hands down the best food I have had since being in the islands. Very welcoming staff and you truly feel like you are at home. Well done, folks. - Michael T.

Great Find! My wife found this place as we were visiting Charlotte. I thought it would be pretty good due to the positive reviews, but man…they really delivered! I had the jerk chicken platter, and it was delicious. The jerk seasoning wasn’t too spicy nor too sweet. It was just right. The cabbage is the bomb, too! I felt like the service was good as well. Check them out if you haven’t. I recommend this establishment. - Ryan C.

Friendly atmosphere with great food. Server was nice. First time having Jamaican food. Definitely will be adding additional items to my palate. I had the jerk shrimp with white rice and vegetables -yummy! - Jes C.

Curry goat was amazing. Rice and peas were awesome. Washed it all down with kola champagne. Nap time! I was too excited and forgot to take a pic! - Ray G.

I have been here multiple times while in Charlotte and they never disappoint! Great customer service, very friendly and great food! - LaJoyce J.

If you are in the mood for some Caribbean food in the Charlotte area, then look no further than Caribbean Hut. My favorite menu item: their BEEF PATTIES! They are excellent! They also have chicken and do veggies/spinach now as well. I normally get their curry shrimp with yellow rice. Sometimes, I get the rice and beans instead. It comes with cabbage and plantains, so pretty filling for either lunch or dinner. But I have also tried their jerk chicken and it is a great dish as well. Great spot that has been here in the area for a while now. - Hania A.

Food is very good. Service is very good and quick. Had Ox tail; I prefer it a little spicier but it’s still very good. Also had spicy patties and were great. - Troy C.

I love the food here! Sometimes a bit pricey only because I always want oxtails, a beef patty and baba roots! I can eat when the food is right, and here the food is right! The staff makes you feel like family, and the food makes you feel like home!

- Isaac C.

I enjoy their stew or fry fish with rice and peas/sweet plantains. I suggest if you are ordering to-go call over the phone before you arrive. My experience has been a good one.

- Amoy B.

I’m in LOVE!!!! I took my very picky parents, and the food was absolutely delicious! My parents had the jerk chicken & oxtails and cleaned their plates. I’m a vegetarian, but they were able to accommodate me with stir fry veggies, rice, and beans.

- Shanna W.

The food is fantastic. Flavorful and super tasty. Maybe one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

- Jim D.

Great food and friendly waitress, as well as the counter staff. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. They were out of the kingfish, so the waitress suggested red snapper. Excellent suggestion! The brown stew was very well seasoned. Oxtails were also good. The serving size was generous. Would definitely visit again.

- Felicia.

Only place I get real oxtails, curry goat and jerk. Always fresh, always hot, and always finger-licking good. I love this place.

- Zephaniah.

Real genuine Caribbean food made by Caribbean natives. Not frozen or microwaved food and not prepared by “wannabes”!

- Robin S.

Most authentic Jamaican food in the greater Charlotte area. Don’t forget your guinness and magnum! Bless.

- Lebeech.

I just wanna thank the shift that was working when I came in — even though they were out of oxtail, they substituted that for a different type of meat and jerk shrimp….I had a long crazy day but they made my night….great food, great customer service over the best Caribbean restaurant I have tried and everyone that knows me knows I love food and great personality as well as world class customer service that comes with it….once again, thank you! Much love!!!

- Latoya M.

My favorite Caribbean food in Charlotte hands down. The portions I receive are great. I like the atmosphere. I usually recommend the stew chicken if you don’t like spicy, but if you do, get jerk chicken and always ask for gravy on your rice.

- Henri A.

Great food. If you like Jamaican food, this is the place to go. Every time my husband and I are in town, we eat here. The restaurant is clean, and the staff is friendly.

- Monroe N.

Amazing Jamaican dishes. Jamaican jerk, curries, gravy dishes fill the senses when you come into this unassuming place. Caribbean drinks are available as well from colas to red stripe beer. Small dining room area for eat in. They also have a carry out service.

-Lili P.

The food was amazing! From the curry goat to the oxtail and the rice and peas was very authentic! The staff is efficient and serves a quality amount of food! I’ve had my share of Caribbean food, and I must say I was impressed!

- Israel L.

Inexpensive, yummy food. Very ordinary restaurant but the food is amazing. Tried the goat curry (large) which was served with beans, rice, and vegetable. A colleague tried the jerk chicken and he loved it too. At $10, it was a great price for the large portions. Not too much price difference between the small and large portions, makes sense to order the large and take the rest home.

- 465Jeffb34.

I ordered the oxtail and jerk chicken combo with cabbage and a beef patty. The flavors were incredible. I will definitely go back!

- Paola E.

So, I just moved out here from New York City, and have been disappointed by all the food over here… nothing like NYC food, I guess. I’m currently pregnant and have been craving oxtails, so when a co-worker told me about this place and my cousin offered to bring it to me, I jumped on the opportunity. I got a large oxtail and it comes with rice and peas, cabbage and it was supposed to have plantains, but they ran out. I was a little sad but when that food got here, I did not miss those plantains. I got a lot of food. The serving was amazing, just like in NYC. The oxtails were sooooo good and came right off the bone, cabbage was great, and they put extra gravy on my rice just like I asked. The beef patties were also amazing! I will DEFINITELY be ordering again. I plan on going with my Jamaican husband this Sunday after church

- Lauren B.

Love this restaurant, reminds me of home cooking on a Sunday, I had the steamed snapper and stew chicken with rice and peas with a bottle of sorrel to wash it down. Yum!

- Andre C.

For my money, this is a great place for a taste of the islands. They make good jerk chicken, and they will steam or brown stew many different kinds of fish to your liking. They aren’t super fast, but this isn’t fast food. I’ve grown up on Caribbean food and this is pretty good. And,you can eat pretty healthy with their yellow rice and peas and cabbage as a side. - Sandra D.

Today was my first time stopping by and the vibe and atmosphere was amazing, I could tell that this was an authentic Caribbean restaurant, and the staff was very friendly. I ordered the oxtail & jerk chicken combo with cabbage and the food was amazing. The veggies had the perfect blend of seasonings as well as the rice and peas were made just right, not too hard or soft. The jerk chicken was well-seasoned and I could tell it was fresh. I loved the oxtails and the sauce, and it was a great amount of food on my plate. Next time I’m in Charlotte, I will be going back.

- Joel K.

The food here is perfect! My husband and I go here for their oxtails and are never disappointed. The plates are a healthy portion, too!

- Alecia S.

West Indian food at its finest! This place has a great cook and must be a true West Indian. It’s not fake Caribbean food or someone trying to pass it off as such. The oxtails are tender and just right.

- Tasha8998.

I have been looking for authentic Jamaican food since 2003. I’ve been to many places and nobody gets it right. Except this place. The jerk is that good, dark brown color, and it lit my mouth up! It was DELICIOUS!! The portions are liberal, the atmosphere is cozy, the prices are reasonable, and the service was ok. But what it lacked in service, it made up for in taste. I’ll definitely be going back

- Wendy B.

This is sooooo authentic. I know this because my boyfriend is from the Caribbean, and he validated it. He had the jerk chicken, and I had the curry. Both dishes were sooooo flavorful. The veggie of the day was cabbage, and it was incredible. The rice was incredible, too. I tried the sorrel, and it is sooo sweet and delicious. I can’t wait to go back. Support local.

- Kari B.

Jamaican food for Jamaican people. If you are not Jamaican, you will be alone. Food is authentic.
Very cheap. Yamman! - Eugenio V.

So, I just moved out here from New York City and have been disappointed by all the food over here… nothing like NYC food, I guess. I’m currently pregnant and have been craving oxtails, so when a co-worker told me about this place and my cousin offered to bring it to me, I jumped on the opportunity. I got a large oxtail, and it comes with rice and peas and cabbage, and it was supposed to have plantains, but they ran out. I was a little sad, but when that food got here, I did not miss those plantains. I don’t know what everyone else was talking about, but I got a lot of food. The serving was amazing, just like in NYC. The oxtails were sooooo good and came right off the bone, cabbage was great, and they put extra gravy on my rice just like I asked. The beef patties were also amazing! I will DEFINITELY be ordering again. I plan on going with my Jamaican husband this Sunday after church. - Lauren B.

So far, the best West Indian restaurant I found in Charlotte, and I think the curry goat is excellent. - Rafeeq P.

They give you a lot of food and it tastes good. The curry goat is very tender and so tasty. It’s pretty weird that they ask customers if they want to listen to a certain type or watch any movie. Other than that, nothing weird or wrong with my experience. This is now my spot for Jamaican food. - George O.

Never been disappointed, as many times as I have gone. Always a fun atmosphere and good food. THE OX TAILS THOUGH!!! So tender. They also have a great lunch special for only $6.99 and the portions are big. Definitely recommend. - India R.

I have a great experience every time I come here. This was my first time coming on a Friday evening, and I enjoyed the live music. The servers are always pleasant and helpful. The food is always great; I am never disappointed. - Andrea B.

I went to 3 different Jamaican places, and they were all closed, but I was determined to get some ox tails. Then, when I sat down here to order, they were out, but the worker saw how sad I was and found some scraps for me. Lol! yum! It was bangin! - Lauren B.

I decided to stop in on this small place. I did not see one person. The sign on the outside promised Caribbean (Jamaican) food. From the time I opened the door, I could smell nothing but the flavors from the island, the jerks, curries, and many other island favorites. Looking at the menu, I see the prices are extremely low, and still, not one person (I realized why, they just opened). So, I ordered the jerk chicken, of course, that had a rich dark sauce. My wife had the ox tail, the sauce also was so good, you would want to drink it from a straw. Do not let this little place in a strip mall fool you. They have very good and authentic foods that will tantalize every taste bud that you have or wish you had. CAUTION! If you have no idea what Jamaican food is or want a piece of square fish or chicken nuggets, do not go here. This is the real deal. Do not take my word for it. Try it for yourself. And… Do not drool on the keyboard while you are looking at the pictures. - Joseph L.

Best rice and peas I’ve had. Both the curry and jerk chicken were excellent. The cabbage and vegetables were something I’ve never had before but loved them. - Djd63.

Found this small restaurant on Yelp. Wonderful Jamaican food with much of what you’d expect from that region. Ordered both the curry goat and curry chicken roti. Portion sizes were spot on, and the flavors were deep without too much heat–both delicious! I will return and sit at the counter, order some different food and observe the day-to-day confluence of patrons. I like this place! - Peter M.

Excellent food. A great option at a winery or other event. If you see this truck, you gotta try it. - Brad Y.

My husband orders to go here all the time. Today, I finally joined him for lunch at the restaurant. The food is DELICIOUS! The service was great, and they were fast. - Ricketa M.

The oxtail and the curry goat dishes are the bomb! Suggest to upgrade the interior of the restaurant to look more inviting – a more Caribbean feel that makes people want to dine in. - Azira M.

I always order the oxtail. I had it in Jamaica before and when I tried it again here, it definitely hit the spot. I wish they had spinners (dumplings) but I’ve noticed a lot of restaurants don’t, so I won’t fault them for that. I have no complaints; absolutely love their food. - Mallori W.

Every once in a while, I crave a plate from this place. The food is sooo good; sometimes it tastes different on different days (different cooks maybe), but it’s still great! The staff is always friendly and takes care of you right away - Anu J.

Absolutely delicious. Definitely coming back. Sherika.is so sweet and attentive. Food is wonderful.- oxtail and curried goat is off the chain!!!! Large portions. - Pamela H.

Go here if you want some great Jamaican food! The staff are great and consistent. The fried chicken Friday is my favorite because its different! - Tameka W.

I can’t get enough of their Caribbean food. Eat here every time I visit Charlotte. The other location is just as good, and closer to my hotel. I’ll be eating there tomorrow. - B P.

The food was so good. Portions could have been bigger but the way the food tasted, I forget about that!!! - Tay R.

Good food and friendly service. A cozy place to chill and listen to some reggae. - Nurhoohan A.

I had not stopped through this place in some time but quickly realized I’ve been missing out on some good eating. I had the curry chicken, and boy, it was good. There are a good bit of tasty items on the menu, so I’ll be back soon - Glen W.

It’s one of my favorite places to get Caribbean food. I love the portions of food. I’ve been other places and been mad at the portion size for the price they charge. - Asya B.

Food is delicious. I like mixed vegetables in jerk sauce or curry sauce. Customer service was great.

- Frank W.

This was my first time eating Jamaican food, and it was pretty darn good. I ordered a Jamaican beer and jerk chicken (a bit spicy) and curry chicken combo plate that came with rice and peas and 2 plantains and cabbage. Oh, and a carrot cake. Flavors were bold and satisfying. - Joseph H.

Delicious, authentic Caribbean food. The smells are intoxicating from the moment you park; the strong aroma of jerk chicken blankets the entire parking lot. They also serve large portions for an excellent price.

- CrazyDog Lady.

Walking in this place, it smells amazing. Food is beyond amazing. I can’t even explain how wonderful the experience was. - Allorah M.

This place is to die for…. Good people who make you feel welcome, and the food is amazing. The mac-n-cheese and pineapple ginger drink is a must have to go with your meal. - Pretty Red.

A great place to work and to purchase delicious Caribbean food, and the employees are always nice to me and my family. - Timothy R.

My husband is from the Caribbean, so we are often in search of home food, and this did not disappoint. They have homemade sorrel juice that reminded him of back home. Good service. Clean environment. Excellent jerk chicken and rice!! We will be back. - Morgan G.

I wasn’t planning on coming here. I wanted something foreign but not Asian or Hispanic as those were already on the docket for the week. I work with a couple Puerto Rican’s and a kid from Trinidad and they always talk about how fire Caribbean food is. So, I figured let’s give it a go. It’s a small joint with a sit at bar and some seating available. It had a very, very chill vibe that I could definitely groove with. The menu was pretty good looking. I definitely have to go back to try the oxtails and goat as my friend brags about how good those dishes are. The young man who took my order recommended the lunch special for $6.99, so I ordered the curry chicken plate to go. The food was still warm when I got back to my desk, and when I opened it, the dish filled my office with a warm spice-filled aroma that smelled like Indian food that I love if it was mixed with a soul food/ Hispanic vibe. I tried the chicken first, and it was absolute fire. The meat was begging to drop off the bone and was tender and juicy, so I had to take my time eating to savor it. The curry was the perfect blend of sauce flavor and spice that really reminded me of Moroccan food, that perfect blend of spicy and sweet. The dish had about three chicken wings that made me feel I could probably eat a dozen for dinner as they were so succulent. They were so tender and the flavor was so soaked in that I dug some of the marrow out and ate that and even considered eating the bones. The bones were so soft you honestly could eat them if bones are your thing. My dog would cry if he knew I threw them away. The sides were some kind of rice with some kind of vegetables in it (maybe it had beans and onions in it too) and something I assume was like a stewed or steamed cabbage. The guy told me what it was but I was in a hurry and forgot what it was after my wife called. The rice was great and had so much flavor by itself. It definitely felt like an island version of dirty rice. I mixed in the leftover curry mix into it and my tongue dissolved in the flavor like it was on an acid trip. I hungrily scooped every little bit together and chowed down. The cabbage, if that is what it was, was delicious. It was better than anything I’ve had or made and had flavor even a sweet old black lady from the southern United States couldn’t make better (and I know quite a few that bring me some fire cabbage). Overall, I was extremely impressed and have been bragging on them to folks at work and gave my menu card to one of my friends at work, and he says he is dying to try it now. The kid from Trinidad said just from how it smelled, he knew it was good. I cannot wait to go back and try their jerk seasoning and, like I said, the oxtails and curried goat. I know I won’t be disappointed. Thanks and good job on opening my eyes up to a culture’s food I’ve missed out on my entire life. - Daniel T.

Stopped here on a whim with some buddies heading to a concert. Really only stopped in because traffic was a nightmare. I was not expecting to be dazzled when I walked in, but wow… I was pleasantly surprised! I had oxtails and goat and it was absolutely fantastic. It was so good that the next day I drove my wife crazy talking about it. Will be back soon!!! - Peter Y.

Omg. The food was soooo good. I am extremely picky with where I buy Caribbean food, I am so happy to have found a restaurant that meets EVERY NEED! The cook definitely cooks with love! - Brittany A.

The service was good, and the food was tasty!! I ordered jerk shrimp and jerk chicken.

- Shovona R.

That amazing oxtail curry. If there’s one thing you can think is worth going out of your home for during the ‘rona, it should be this. Not a fan of oxtail? The goat curry it is! Lovely people, amazing food. - Sayantan D.

Classic food from home, the Caribbean. Nice staff, clean environment, take-out and dine-in options. Flavors are true to home, if that is why you’re coming to this restaurant. Beef patties, ginger beer, curry goat, rice and beans. Thanks for the experience.

- Isabella V.

The staff makes you feel like family. The food was great, and the portions are just right!

- Ki'Saundra D.

Loved it! Only had oxtails there but it all looks delicious. Can’t wait to try the curry goat!

- Dinorah C.

The food was great, and the waitress was awesome. Add some music and it would have been fire!

- Kavonna L.

My first visit was today. You are greeted with an amazing smell of the food cooking. We ordered jerk and brown stew chicken — excellent!! Fresh and hot. The wait staff were two lovely ladies — they were awesome. We will be back!!!

- Vera W.

The food is great!!! The staff is friendly and makes you feel you are at their family home. My first time there was a party of 19 dining in. No pressure, though, because the service was great.

- Noah C.

Best customer service. Great food for a good price. Pictures of the food could be better, but the taste is pretty good. I wanted to try something new and different. How many ways can one make chicken and beans and rice? Right? You have got to try it. I love the spices! I will definitely try this place again

- Honilove Productions.

I went to the restaurant at around 3 pm on a Sunday. The service was excellent! I ordered a rice and veggie plate. The food was tasty, and the portion was more than enough. Thank you.

- Portals & Dimensions.

I liked the food. The employees are a little hard to understand, because they’re from the islands but they are patient and won’t let you leave without being satisfied…..they have a great selection of homemade drinks; most include lots of ginger….so I hope you love ginger…..try the ginger pineapple. It’s great overall. I’ll go back.

- Jashobeam S.

I love this place. Every time I come, the food is awesome, and the staff is great. Going there for lunch again today.

- Kizzshaunette P.

I’ve been craving some type of Carribean/Jamaican food, and this DEFINITELY fulfilled my craving. I ordered oxtails with rice and beans, and they included plantains and collard greens along with my meal. Not only was the food delicious, but it was very flavorful and authentic. The place is clean, and the prices were not much of an issue since the food tasted great.

- Nea R.

My husband and I stop there every time we’re passing through. Never should run out of iris moss! Love it!

- April I.

My favorite restaurant in the world – literally. I have been coming here for years, and even with the extensive dining venue that Charlotte has, I am unable to find a place I’d rather relax and eat at. This place is the very definition of “soul food.” The jerk chicken here is out of this world. The sauce is homemade and is a “wet” sauce instead of the “dry rub” style sauce found in many recipes. It is usually spicy enough to make my eyes water. I always ask for extra sauce which I mix in with the rice and cabbage. The large plates are heaped with enough food for two meals. I’ve had jerk chicken in Jamaica, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, Miami, on beaches, in cinderblock construction bars in the Islands, you name it, and I’ve never found food that satisfies me like Caribbean Hut in North Carolina (of all places). I have chosen Caribbean Hut over a three-course meal in Dilworth before. Caribbean Hut will be what I miss most when I have to leave Charlotte one day, and I know my way around. I tip very generously and have ALWAYS been taken care of, no matter what my request. I bring family and friends here all the time to share my experience. Sometimes I ask for a sample of ox tail or curry so that my guests can taste the food before ordering it, and I’ve never been charged for samples or felt like I’ve been looked over in any way. In fact, most of the staff is so friendly that I’m on a first name basis. Come try it for yourself and make an opinion. If given one last day on earth, I’d take: my family, a beautiful windy-sunny day, a bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label, and Caribbean Hut.

- Paul H.

I ordered the oxtail and jerk chicken combo with cabbage and a beef patty. The flavors were incredible. I will definitely go back!

- Paola E.

Great Oxtail! I love good Jamaican food, and this place is the best in the Charlotte area. Great oxtails, curry, and pretty much everything else. Very authentic food. Good selection of drinks, and good service.

- PearceNC.