3 Great Things About Vegetable Roti

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give our Vegetable Roti a try on your next visitHave you ever heard of roti? Roti is a type of flatbread used in Caribbean cooking. This isn’t your average loaf of bread from the grocery store. This is a Caribbean culinary staple that we make fresh for you!

Once you have a great roti, you need to add a great filling to it! We offer several fillings, including Curry Goat, shrimp, and chicken. However, our Vegetable Roti is an unsung hero of our menu. Here are a few reasons we suggest you give our Vegetable Roti a try on your next visit.

3 Great Things About Vegetable Roti

1. Not Your Average Sandwich. You may be sick of having the same type of sandwich for lunch day after day. When this is the case, you will find Vegetable Roti to be a good change of pace.

2. A Delicious Vegetarian Option. Many people are trying to eat vegetarian options. But, sometimes, you can feel like vegetarians are not given enough things to try. Our Vegetable Roti offers a great vegetarian option for lunch and for catering.

3. A Healthy Lunch on the Go. It is important to your health to try and get in approximately five servings of vegetables daily. This Vegetable Roti is a great way to pack healthy veggies into your diet!

Ready for your next meal to be Vegetable Roti? We thought so! Visit us today! We offer delicious rotis with several fillings at both of our locations in Charlotte. We look forward to serving you at one of our locations!