The Delicious Details: Jerk Chicken

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Jerk chicken is a unique and delicious type of chicken that comes to us from the Caribbean. If you have not tried it before, trust us when we say that it is a must! Here at Caribbean Hut, we specialize in jerk chicken; our customers for over 15 years have rave about our authentic flavors and high quality food (if you do not believe us, check out our testimonials here).

The Delicious Details: Jerk Chicken

Jerk meats (which can be chicken, beef, pork, goat, or seafood) come to us from the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica. The meat is covered in a mouth-watering mixture of spices, and then is cooked slowly over a fire. The mixture of the spices and the smoke from the fire create the unique jerk flavor. Jerk chicken connoisseurs describe the flavor to be smoky and spicy. Common ingredients in jerk chicken seasoning include allspice, peppers, cloves, cinnamon, scallions, nutmeg, thyme, garlic, brown sugar, ginger and salt, to name a few.  Some favorite side dishes with jerk chicken are rice, beans, vegetables and sweet potatoes.

If you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and are looking to try jerk chicken, check us out at Caribbean Hut! Customer reviews state that our jerk chicken is the most authentic in the area. We have been serving our customers for over 15 years and pride ourselves on our high quality and authentic Caribbean food. We hope to see you at Caribbean Hut soon!