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jerk chicken is a recognizable jerk dish

When you think of Jamaican food, most of us think of jerk chicken. Jerk chicken is so ingrained into the flavorful history of Jamaica that it’s not surprising good jerk chicken is the earmark of a good Caribbean restaurant. While we might know that jerk chicken is a spicier dish, many of us don’t know the rich flavors that go into making a good jerk chicken, so let’s explore this Jamaican dish a little further!

Jerk chicken gets its distinguishable flavor from spices that are native to the island of Jamaica. Spices like the scotch bonnet pepper give jerk chicken its spicy kick. Other spices that are incorporated into a jerk recipe are allspice, ginger, garlic and thyme. Any jerk recipe needs to have some combination of these spices in order to be deemed a jerk recipe. Once combined with a variety of other spices, jerk chicken is rubbed with spices, marinated, and then cooked over a barbeque grill or coals for a smoky, tangy and delicious final flavor palate. It can be served with many different sides, but rice cooked in coconut milk and some beans are classic complements to cool down this spicy dish.

While jerk chicken is a recognizable jerk dish, this flavorful rub and marinade can be applied to other meats, fish and even vegetables. The term “jerk” is actually a derivative of a Spanish word for dried meat, or as we would call it, jerky. To experience this unique flavor profile for yourself, come and see us today here at Caribbean Hut for jerk chicken today.