Jerk Chicken is a Crowd Pleaser

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Caribbean Hut has the best Jerk Chicken in Charlotte, North Carolina. We love Jerk cooking and think you will, too. Jerk cooking originally comes from Jamaica. It is a style of cooking that can be done on any meat. It can even be applied to vegetables and fruits! The meat is seasoned in a blend of Caribbean spices, marinated in a special sauce or paste, and then cooked over pimento wood. Jerk is actually where we get our present-day jerky from.

The Jerk Chicken would be cooked in a traditional jerk hut

If we were in the Caribbean, we would be enjoying the mouthwatering flavors of Jerk Chicken in the breathtaking outdoors. The Jerk Chicken would be cooked in a traditional jerk hut. The smells wafting from the hut would draw you in for a tempting taste. You would not regret taking a taste of this traditional Caribbean style cooking. Jerk chicken is a crowd pleaser that leave very few, if any, dissatisfied.

Our Jerk Chicken is perfectly paired with rice and veggies. This complete meal will leave your tastebuds tingling and your belly satisfied. You cannot go wrong with ordering our Jerk Chicken. Order it for dine-in or take-out. We also offer a catering service that will definitely please the crowds. We have been making and serving mouthwatering Jerk Chicken for 15 years. Our patrons love it. If you don’t believe us, then read some of our testimonials here. Once you try it you will be wanting to come back for more.