If You Like Curry Chicken, You Need to Try Curry Goat

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Here in the United States, we typically don’t like to experiment too much when it comes to our food. If we do happen to step outside the arena a little bit, we prefer it be as tame as possible! Many people have fallen in love with the strong and delicious flavor of curry, but have only tried curry sauces made with the safe and ordinary chicken. When you feel like going a little outside your comfort zone of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, a great place to start is with curry goat.

great place to start is with curry goat

Somehow in the U.S. history of food, goat got a bad reputation as a meat that is undesirable. The truth is that when goat is cooked correctly, it can be tender, juicy and full of flavor that makes it perfect for curry. Curry goat is made and enjoyed in many different places around the world, and curry goat is a great dish for Americans as well.

In order to make a great curry goat dish, you need to source out fresh meat. Here at Caribbean Hut, we know all of the finest butchers and are able to get great pieces of fresh meat to serve in our curry goat dishes. We use some of the most tender pieces, like the large, meaty legs, ribs, shoulders, and loin, in order to get a great variety of tender meat pieces for our curry goat.

If you are going on an exploratory adventure with some food in your own country, go ahead and start with the curry goat here at Caribbean Hut today. We know you won’t be disappointed!