What Can You Add to Jamaican Patties?

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When you hear the word “patty,” what do you think of? Is it the round slab of beef paired with lettuce, ketchup, and a bun? Well, Jamaican patties are nothing like the typical hamburger patties you’d find at a fast-food restaurant. A Jamaican patty is made by stuffing a flaky crust with spices, seasonings, and beef or other meats. Then you bake it all together to create a perfect Jamaican patty. But that’s not all– you can top it all off by adding some delicious sides and toppings to your Jamaican patty.

What Can You Add to Jamaican Patties?

  • Queso dip: There are many sauces that go well with Jamaican patties. These patties are easy to dip into sauces that will give them an extra burst of flavor, like when you dip your patty in queso dip. A good queso dip can add additional flavors and spices to complement your patty.
  • Coco bread: This combination is very popular with Jamaicans. Coco bread is basically bread made with coconut milk, which gives it a slightly sweet taste. Typically, coco bread is made in a perfect shape to go with a Jamaican patty.
  •  Roti: Another way to incorporate a “bun” into your Jamaican patty is by adding roti to your meal. You can wrap the roti around your patty and eat it together while enjoying the dominating taste of the patty.

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