Roti Combines Flavor and History for the Perfect Food

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Roti Combines Flavor and History for the Perfect FoodMany people have heard of roti as a type of flatbread similar to naan. While there are certainly many similarities to naan, roti is a delicious flatbread in its own right made with unleavened flour rather than traditional yeast-leavened flour that naan is made with. Roti has its roots in the Indian subcontinent, but variations have been created in many other parts of the world, including the Caribbean.

Caribbean roti has its influences from Indian cuisine, but it is now popular as a signature food throughout the Caribbean. Roti is often used similarly to a utensil for grabbing other food or is used like a wrap that can be served with many different fillings, including meats, chickpeas, other vegetables, and more. Its versatility and delicious flavor have made it a staple in Caribbean dining for over 100 years as well as one of our much-loved dishes here at Caribbean Hut.

We specialize in serving delicious dishes infused with authentic Caribbean flavors. Caribbean food has a rich history to match its memorable and delicious flavors, and the combination of these two factors is the driving factor behind all of our freshly made dishes, including our roti.

Our roti options are perfect for everyone. Whether you’re a big meat-eater and want to try a meat-filled roti or prefer to follow a vegetarian diet and would like to try a delicious vegetable roti, you can count on us to deliver authentic Caribbean flavors that you’ll want to enjoy time and time again.